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The Auggd platform enables the seamless delivery of augmented and virtual reality experiences through your own, white labeled mobile application.


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Why use Augmented Reality ?


Product Interactivity

Augmented reality allows your customers to interact directly with your product from their mobile device, anywhere, anytime.


Extend Print & Web Dimensions

Augmented reality extends the realms of possibility far beyond traditional print and web dimensions.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Augmented reality provides the opportunity to deliver your message in a more engaging, immersive and memorable way.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel….The Auggd platform has been successfully deployed to many globally recognisable clients across a range of industry sectors.


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10-16 Benefits of Our Platform

Benefits of the Auggd Platform:


Rapid deployment

iOS and Android apps in your hands in less than a week


Utilise your own content

Incorporate existing content into your mobile app with ease and leverage your digital media to create engaging, new experiences for your customers


Easy to use

Easy content editing and content management through the Auggd platform, with easy to use, fully customisable experience templates


Reduce development overheads

From initial app development through to the streamlined content management system, the Auggd platform significantly decreases the need for specialist development resources


10-16 Team

The Team

The Auggd team consists of an unparalleled skill combination in the AR/VR industry. We are here to help and ensure you make the right decisions for your circumstances to maximise your investment in augmented and virtual reality.